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Our comprehensive fluoroscopy department provides diagnostic and interventional fluoroscopy procedures including barium enemas (BE), esophagrams, upper GI series and small bowel series.


What is Fluoroscopy?


Fluoroscopy is a safe and painless test that uses a continuous x-ray beam to create a sequence of images that are projected onto a computer monitor. This special x-ray technique makes it possible for physicians to view internal organs in motion by creating real time "x-ray movies." Still images are also captured and stored electronically on a computer. Most fluoroscopic exams require the use of a contrast material (usually barium) to better see the organs inside your body. 


How do I prepare?


All jewelry and any other metallic objects such as hearing aids, jeans with metal zippers, body piercings and removable dental work must be removed.  Wearing a sweatsuit with no metal may prevent you from having to change into a gown.


Upper GI/Small Bowel Series

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to the test.


Barium Enema (BE)

Within two days prior to the test, pleick up a prek kit from Broward P.E.T. Imaging Center.  Please follow kit instructions.


Bring with you to your appointment:

  • Any/all prior films related to your appointment
  • Current insurance card


Please arrive 30 miuntes prior to your scheduled appointment - unless otherwise instructed



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