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Mammography remains the best method for early breast cancer detection. New digital technology is gradually replacing traditional film-based mammograms the same way digital cameras have replaced film cameras. Traditional film screen mammography is limited in its ability to detect some cancers, especially those occurring in women with radiographically dense breasts. For this reason, extensive efforts to improve mammography have occurred.


What is Mammography?


A mammogram is a specialized x-ray of the breasts. It is a non-invasive test used for the detection of cancer and to diagnose other breast diseases. Mammograms use very low doses of radiation. Digital mammograms not only provide more detail than traditional film units, but use even less radiation (about 22% less).  Digital mammography may be used to evaluate breast lesions up to two years before an abnormality can be felt or for subtle changes in the breast that could be early signs of breast cancer.


How do I prepare?


No powder, perfume or deodorants on breast or underarm.  Please schedule your exam in accordance with your menstrual cycle.  Call Broward PET Imaging Center for instructions. 


Bring with you to your appointment:

  • Any/all prior films related to your appointment
  • Current insurance card


Please arrive 30 miuntes prior to your scheduled appointment - unless otherwise instructed



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